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About Us & Ethical Practices

Our goal as a brand is to create beautiful bridesmaids dresses for your special day. We are extremely passionate and committed to sustainability, production transparency and ethical practices. By choosing Evolution Bridesmaids you are not only getting the most beautifully made design, but a piece of clothing that has been thoughtfully created by a skilled team of talented tailors. All our designs are “made to order,” to help reduce our fashion footprint by making only what is needed, in order to protect our precious planet

Evolution Clothing was opened in 2004 by Miranda Cobb at the age of 24.Evolution Clothing was born out of love for all the women who have broken glass ceilings, those who are still paving their way, and those who aspire to be leaders. With a strong focus on female empowerment, all our key leadership roles are headed by women, who are paid based on their unique skill sets, not gender

Behind the designers and customer stylists there are a number of highly skilled team members, who do their important work behind the scenes – the people you don't see

It is important because as a brand and as an individual consumer, we all have to be responsible. It is easy to forget that the piece of clothing that you purchased has been created by another human who has responsibilities and family to support

The most important question you can ask yourself is, “Who makes the clothing we wear everyday, and in what conditions?”

All of our team are highly skilled and have many years experience. Most have families to support and can sometimes be the sole provider for multiple generations in one household. That is why it is so important as a brand we support paying the global living wage to all our team members

Safety for our team is one of the most important factors. All machines, equipment and factory buildings are of the highest standard, and are all regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the safest working conditions

No staff member works more than 40 hours per week, and all diverse cultural backgrounds are valued and respected

One of the most exciting and sustainable aspects of our business model is our 'made to order,' collection. With this collection, we only manufacture what is needed and are therefore heavily reducing our fashion footprint, as we are not making products that are classified as fast fashion and disposable. We believe the best way to help limit our impact on the environment is to design collections that not only can be worn for your special event, but that can be worn again and again.

All of our designs have been top selling styles in our retail stores prior to being introduced into our made to order collection. With quality and care at the forefront, our timeless pieces are lovingly created to be worn again and again