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Do you have a store in Auckland? 

NO - We no longer have our Ponsonby showroom and are only holding private viewings in Auckland only. Please book a viewing via the 'Private Viewing' tab on the home page. 


Do I need to make an appointment to view your range?

There is no appointment necessary to visit either our  Mount Maunganui showroom, you can pop into the store at anytime during store opening hours to view the range and try on the sample range

We are now offering private viewing appointments for Auckland.  We charge a $75 appointment fee, which will get refunded to you when you place your final order.  We do not refund the appointment fee if you do not order with us

To book your private viewing appointment for Auckland, click on the following link

SAMPLE DRESSES – Can I order sample dresses?

YES. If you are not able to make it to our showroom or private viewing, we offer the option of getting sample dresses sent to you. All sample dresses sent are in our Fujet Crepe/Matte fabric

As we are experiencing high interest in the sample dresses, if the style and size does not show in stock please contact Shannon on +647 575 9846 or email to secure the sample when it gets returned

You will need to pay for the dresses in full and once you return the dresses, you will either be issued a full refund or a credit towards your final order. Note - Refunds will not include any freight paid. Dresses must be returned in 7 days for NZ customers and 14 days for international customers. We do ask that you ensure they are returned within this time frame as due to high demand our sample dresses are constantly in and out of stock and we want to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to find their perfect size and fit. All international orders will have a $30 flat rate shipping fee

Do I send you my measurements?

All our dresses are “Made to Order" not “Custom Made” meaning all our dresses are made for you from stock sizes patterns that we do not make any alterations too due to the risk of these changes not being 100% perfect. We offer our made to order collection in sizes 6 - 20

Can you send me the dress measurements?

Our dresses are extremely true to New Zealand & International sizing and we strongly recommend you order your size based of the size you would normally be in your home country rather than going off pattern measurements. For example, if you are usually a size 10 in dresses, we suggest you order a size 10 from our range (based off New Zealand sizes)

In the past we have sent the measurements to customers and they have measured themselves incorrectly and ordered the wrong size.  If you do want the measurements, we can provide them to you however we do advise against it 

Can you alter the pattern, ie make the straps thicker or the dress shorter?

We do not offer the option to alter any of our patterns. If alterations need to be made you will can easily do this with a local tailor at your own cost

You can also order additional fabric for $30 NZD per meter for Matte and $40 NZD per meter for Satin and use this fabric to alter your dress.  Fabric will need to be ordered at the same time as your dress order to ensure that the fabric is from the same colour batch

Can I order fabric or extra fabric?

Yes you can if you are ordering bridesmaid dresses with us, you can order additional fabric at the same time.  The minimum order of fabric is 1 meter @ $30 NZD per meter for Fujet Crepe - Matte or Fujet Crepe - Satin @ $40 NZD per meter. The fabric width is 110cm. The fabric will need to be ordered at the same time as your dresses otherwise there may be up to a 10% colour variation if it is not dyed in the same colour batch.  We do not supply fabric if you have not ordered bridesmaid dresses

Are your dresses lined?

Please refer to the description in each style on our website as this will tell you if the dress is lined or not.  If you feel uncomfortable with slight transparency, we suggest that you purchase a slip to wear underneath some of the lighter colours in our collection

 Can I wear normal underwear with your dresses?

We suggest you wear a strapless bra and your underwear style of choice.  The lighter the colour of dress the more transparent they can be so nude underwear may be required or you may need to purchase a nude slip

We have had customers wear unlined white dresses with nude underwear and they have had no issues with this, however it is dependant on your own personal choice and comfort


What are the payment arrangements

All orders must be paid in full at the time of ordering

The following payment methods through our secure, online checkout system:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Payby laybuy
  • Afterpay
  • Bank Deposit

What fabric are the dresses made out of?

Our bridesmaids collection is made from Rayon/Viscose - both are natural fibres (made from wood pulp). Some of the most beneficial characteristics of Rayon/Viscose include:

-          Breathable
-          Drapes well
-          Excellent colour retention
-          Very smooth 
-          Does not trap body heat
-          Soft and comfortable
-          No static build up

All our fabric is pre washed prior to cutting your order so that you will not get any shrinkage when washing our dresses

Rayon & Viscose fibres release their true shape when the fabric has been ironed or steamed

Do your dresses crease? If so, how do you get the creases out?

With all natural fibres (which our dresses are) you get the perks of breathability and beautiful draping. Natural fibres tend to crease more than synthetic however if you give them a good steam or a press before the girls wear them this will reduce the issues

All our dresses are pressed with an iron before leaving our factory.  Because we only use natural fibres, when your dresses arrive they may be slightly creased due to transportation, however all our dresses can be ironed on a cool setting  

A cool iron is preferred over steaming as sometimes steamers can leave water marks

Can you make a custom colour?

Yes we can – this process takes 8 weeks longer and cost an additional $100

Fabric Samples - Can I get these?

Yes you can purchase fabric swatches in either Fujet Crepe - Matte or Fujet Crepe - Satin for the cost of $15 NZD for up to 5 colours.  You can purchase the sample fabric from our website They will deliver within 6-12 days to most areas

Every effort and skill will be carried out by our skilled craftsman who hand dye all our fabric to ensure that your chosen colour is best matched to the fabric samples you receive. Please note that when your final "Made To Order" dresses arrive there can be up to a 10% variance in colour (which is generally not noticeable to the naked eye) 

What sizes do you make?

We make standard New Zealand sizes from size 6 – 20 (in all styles).  If you have bridesmaids that do not fit into this size bracket we can supply you with additional fabric so you can make a dress locally out of the same fabric/colour batch.  The cost for this is $30 NZD per meter for Fujet Crepe - Matte and $40 NZD per meter for Fujet Crepe - Satin  (which can only be purchased if you place an order for additional dresses) and we suggest you buy 5 – 6 meters per dress

Is it possible to return and change sizes if the sizes I receive do not fit? 

As the dresses are made especially for each bridesmaid order, unfortunately we cannot exchange or refund if the size you have ordered does not fit

If you are at all unsure on sizing, we suggest you order a bigger size. Then the dress can be altered to fit your Bridesmaid when you receive your order as it is much easier to work with more material than less.

I have a bridesmaid that is pregnant?

This happens a-lot.  The styles we suggest for pregnant bridesmaids are:

-Drawstring Dress 500-0023

-Last Kiss Dress 500-0656 

- Feels Dress 500-0336

- All That Matters Dress 500-0340

We suggest to order 1 – 2 sizes bigger than your bridesmaid would normally be  and also suggest that you order additional fabric (approx. 2 meters) for your pregnant bridesmaid so that you have fabric if you need to alter the dress.  Our previous customers have widened the straps to make thicker straps and added additional fabric in seams to allow for the growing baby

Do I need to order all my bridesmaid dresses at the same time?

YES. It is best to place one order for all dresses to ensure all dresses are made from the same colour batch otherwise there can be up to a 10% variance in colour between batches as this is a hand dyed process

Do I pay shipping?

Yes - all our 'Made To Order' items have a $30 NZD delivery fee applied per delivery address.  The items are made and then sent direct to you via DHL  

Please note: we only ship to one delivery address per order.  We are not able to deliver any of the order to multiple addresses (to your individual bridesmaids).

Any rural/remote delivery address will have an additional $30 NZD delivery fee applied to their order so we suggest you get your order sent to a non-rural address

How long will my order take to make?

All dresses are made to order and take approximately 8-14 weeks.  We do allow some spare production space for urgent orders but as a general rule use the 8-14 week time frame as a guide

What if my order is needed sooner than your delivery time frame or  urgently?

Any orders that are required sooner than our regular delivery timeframe will be required to pay an additional 'express fee' of $100 NZD per order.   If you would like to look at this option, please contact or phone our office on +64 7 572 2410 to confirm we are able to meet your delivery dates prior to placing your order.

To add 'express shipping' to your cart (after you get in contact with us) use this link

Can you make ties for the men in the same fabric & colour as my bridesmaid dresses?

Yes you can get these made, however we do not produce them - we can supply the fabric so that you can take it to a local company in your town

We suggest you order 40cm of fabric per tie (minimum order of fabric is 1 meter). Please try and order the fabric at the same time as ordering your dresses otherwise there can be a colour variation between batches

Do the colours look different on my computer screen to real life?

Every effort has been made to ensure that the product colours shown on the website/internet are as close as possible to the actual colours. However different computer screens may show slight variations and we can not accept refunds or exchanges if you feel the colour you receive is different to the colour you saw on your computer or device.  

To avoid this issue, we suggest you purchase a colour sample prior to placing your final order

What size does your model wear on the website?

We always photograph our model wearing a size 8 

 Are the colours true on the real wedding's you post on your social media pages?

All the images that get sent to us from brides have already been edited by the photographer that took the images and the colour may not be true.  We would suggest if you see a colour you like from one of our "real wedding" photos that you order fabric samples from us before placing your order

Where are your dresses made? 

All our clothing is designed in New Zealand and made in Indonesia by an amazing talented skilled team

Do you offer discount for bulk orders?

Sorry, we do not offer any discounts on our 'Made To Order' collection as we have already kept our prices as competitive as possible for you 

Do you rent your dresses?

No - this is something that we don't do intentionally so it gives you, the customer, the first opportunity to sell or rent the your dress/dresses out and to get the most use out of your dress

My bridesmaid is planning to lose weight, should she buy a smaller dress?

Weddings are a fantastic motivation for anyone to lose weight, we do however suggest to order in you BM’s actual size. That way if she does lose weight you can take the dress to a company that specializes in alterations closer to the wedding date  to get it altered to fit her perfectly. This is the safer option as our BM range is made to order and if she doesn’t end up losing as much weight as she had planned we cannot swap it for another size as we do not keep stock in our stores

How many meters do you recommend to make a dress out of the order fabric at an alterations place? 

We would suggest a minimum of 3 meters however it might be best to check with the dress maker who would make it for you first :) We make all of our dresses from size 6 - 20.